1 – Step On The 360 Platform

You and your guests step on the 360 platform. To get the best video, standing back to back is the preferred position to capture a great video.

2 – Move Around and Have Fun

Lights, camera, action! This is your time to get down and shine. Dance, move around and have a great time on the 360 booth while the rotating camera spins around you.

3 – View Your Video On Device

After stepping off the 360 photo booth platform, you can now view your 360 video on the device and text or email the video to yourself!

4 – Social Media Share

After you receive your video email, airdrop, QR code you can now share your video on your favorite social media platform!

Troy - 360 Video Booth Colorado

Troy Warwick

Troy has been working in the wedding and event industry for almost 10 years focusing mostly as a lead videographer and photographer.  In 2022 he decided to expand his services by also offering a 360 Video Booth.

“It’s so fun to witness the fun and excitement on the faces of all of the guests who step off of the booth, it keeps the party going for hours!”

More Info

Photo booths have always been a popular fixture at events, allowing guests to have fun and capture memorable moments. However, photo booths are not a new concept, and the usual still photo or boomerang can start to get a bit stale. With that said, say hello to the 360 video booth!

All bookings include a trained technician to facilitate the 360 Video Booth.


Unlimited Spins and Video Shares
Professional on-site Technician
LED Lighting
Personalized overlay graphic
One song of your choice
Set up / Break Down

After being on the 360 platform, the technician will ask your guest if they would like to receive the video via Apple AirDrop or if they would like to receive the video via email. If the guest would like to receive their video via AirDrop, they will receive a notification to their iPhone that the technician would like to share a video with them and they simply click accept. If the guest would like to receive their video via email, the technician will ask the guest for their email address and will send the video via email.